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EDC2600 - Ezer LCD Screen Projector

EDC2600 - Ezer LCD Screen Projector
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Name: EDC2600 - Ezer LCD Screen Projector
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Serial Number: EDC2600
Manufacturer Name: Ezer

EDC2600 - LCD Screen Projector

Working distance can be 2M-6.5M, each 0.25M a step, but suggested working distance should be 2.5M-6M.

It will automatically adjust the size of all charts according to the selection of the working distance.

There is an SD Card behind the monitor. It contains the entire software, please do not try to change it by yourself, the dealer will do it for you if an update should be necessary.

The power switch in the lower right corner of monitor and the key LAMP (4) on the remote control can both control power ON/OFF. It is recommended do turn off the device if it’s not being used.

Independent software system, no copyright issue.

Pictures are displayed immediately when power is turn on.

Pictures are displayed immediately when power is turn on.

Software and information are retained when power is turn off.

Five LCD screen can be operated at the same time without problem.

Four kind of astigmatism clock dalls:

  • 01-  Broken line 15*
  • 02-  Reak line 15*
  • 03-  Broken line 10*
  • 04-  Real line 10*

Update the software by SD card

Controlled by remote control.

Can be linked to the Auto Vision Tester  AV-1


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