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ERF2600 Manual Refractor

ERF2600 Manual Refractor
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Name: ERF2600 Manual Refractor
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Serial Number: ERF2600
Manufacturer Name: ELI EZER

ERF2600 Manual Refractor ERF2600 Manual Refractor ERF2600 Manual Refractor

Enjoy the many befits of a quality constructed, precision engineered refraction unit. Ezer’s ERF-2600 Manual Refractor offers outstanding quality and an impressive range of powers—all at an outstanding price point. You can perform precise vision testing on virtually any patient thanks to the extensive range of built-in and auxiliary lenses offered with the ERF-2600. Ezer has also added a special synchronization feature to the cross cylinder loupe, making it easier to perform this vital test. The ERF-2600 is available in black or white and is a wise choice that will meet the requirements for any ophthalmic practice.

Features of the ERF-2600 Manual Refractor
Wide Range Sphere Powers
Extensive Cylinder Powers and Axis
Synchronized Cross Cylinder
Rotary Prism
Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
Auxiliary Lenses

Wide Range Sphere Powers 
With the ERF-2600, you can measure spherical power ranges from -19.00D to +16.75D in 0.25D steps. By using the unit’s auxiliary lens, you can measure -29.00D to +26.75D in 0.12D steps.

Extensive Cylinder Powers and Axis 
Measure cylindrical power ranges from 0 to -6.00D in 0.25D steps. Or, use the auxiliary lens and measure ranges from 0 to -8.00D in 0.12D steps. The cylinder axis ranges from 0°-180° in 5° steps.

Synchronized ±0.25D Cross Cylinder 
Quickly and conveniently perform astigmatic testing. The cross cylinder knob on the ERF-2600 is conveniently synchronized with the cylinder axis. For even greater precision in wider ranges, a ±0.50D cross cylinder lenses is available.

Rotary Prism 
The ERF-2600 allows for vertical and horizontal measurements of 0 to 20? in 1? steps.

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment 
Right and Left PD knobs are synchronized for quick, easy adjustment. The pupillary distance adjustment ranges from 48mm-80mm in 1mm steps.

Auxiliary Lenses 
Twelve kinds of auxiliary lenses can be set at each main aperture on the right and left side. These include ±0.50D cross cylinder, +0.12D auxiliary cylinder, a +2.00D retinoscopic lens and more.


    • Sphere Powers Range +16.75D,with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D (when +0.12D auxiliary lens or optical ±0.12Dlens is in use)
      +26.75D to -29.00D (when optical ±10.00Dlens is in use)
      Cylinder Powers Range 0 to -6.00D, with minimun reading 0.25D or 0.12D
      (when auxiliary lens is in use)
      0 to -8.00D (when -2.00D auxiliary is use)
      Astigmatic Axis Scale 0 to 180° in 5° steps
      Cross Cylinder ±0.25D, reversal type(synchronized with astigmatic axis)
      ±0.50D optical
      Rotary Prism 0 to 20?D in 1?D step
      Interpupillary Adjustment 48mm to 80mm in 1mm step (right and left synchronized)
      Forehead Rest Adjustment 16mm backward and forward
      Convergence The optical axes of the lenses are aligned at a distance of 400mm from the vertexes of the corneas (2mm each for right and left inward)
      Corneal Distance Device 2mm forward and 5mm backward from standard plane; with scale
      Effective Field of View 19mm
      Weight 5kgs

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