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ERU2600 Stand

ERU2600 Stand
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Name: ERU2600 Stand
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Serial Number: ERU2600
Manufacturer Name: ELI EZER

ERU2600 Stand ERU2600 Stand ERU2600 Stand

The ERU-2600 Stand complements any of Ezer's Examination Chairs, putting your selected diagnostic instruments at arm's reach. With this Stand, you won't struggle with space versus functionality challenges. You will instead enjoy a sleek, modern design at an affordable price. The innovatively designed ERU-2600 Stand features convenient controls, an overhead lamp and slit lamp and refractor pantographic arms. The stand is also optionally available with a slit lamp arm only. Best of all, the ERU-2600 is powerful and build to last.

Features of the ERU-2600 Stand
Slit Lamp Pantographic Arm
Refractor Pantographic Arm
Convenient Controls
Membrane Switches

Slit Lamp Pantographic Arm 
The ERU-2600 Stand features a Slit Lamp Pantographic Arm with smooth up/down movements and swivel. It also features a locking mechanism.

Refractor Pantographic Arm 
The ERU-2600 Stand is offered standard with an included Refractor Pantographic Arm. A single lock phoropter arm is available as an option at no additional charge.

Convenient Controls 
The ERU-2600 offers total control at arm’s length. The console switches turn on the chart projector, raise and lower the chair, and return the chair to an upright position.

Membrane Switches 
The ERU-2600 features a membrane switch design for longer lasting use. The switches are also backlit.

Recharging Wells 
Three recharging wells ensure a steady power supply for medical equipment.

Overhead Lamp 
The overhead arm on the ERU-2600 is equipped with a low-voltage bulb to provide bright, safe direct lighting.

Durable Materials 
The ERU-2600 is made of carbon steel SAE 1020 with an epoxy surface treatment and polystyrene finish.

FDA Listing 
The Instrument Stand is FDA Listed.


Voltage 110 / 220V (manual selection)
Operating Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Charge Current 2A
Power Consumption 120W
Maximum Lifting Capacity 132 lb (60 Kg)
Dimensions 39.37(L) x 28.74(W) x 68.31(H) in (1000(L) x 730(W) x 1735(H) mm)
Maximum Height / Minimum Top LF 40.94 in / 31.50 in (1040 mm / 800 mm)
Area covered (with chair lying) 21.52 ft² (2 m²)
Net Weight 308 lb (140 Kg)
Gross Weight 387.2 lb (176 Kg)
Type of Packaging
Wooden Crate

Package Dimensions27.76(L) x 27.56(W) x 43.30(H) in (705(L) x 700(W) x 1100(H) mm)Plane
Recharging Wells
Overhead Lamp
Durable Materials

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