HLM7000 Digital Lensmeter HLM7000 Digital Lensmeter
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Huvitz CPE4000 Patternless Edger

Huvitz CPE4000 Patternless Edger
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Name: Huvitz CPE4000 Patternless Edger
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Serial Number: Excelon
Manufacturer Name: HUVITZ ( FOR EXPORT ONLY )

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Huvitz CPE4000 Patternless Edger
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One-Stop Lens Finishing Process
Consisting of the cutting-edge technology, Excelon simplifies the finishing operation with the unparalleled efficiency. Beveling, Polishing, Grooving and Safety Beveling processes are completely integrated and easily performed by a simple touch of a button.

Advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology
All the finishing processes, tracing to editing, are fully operated with the advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology optimizing the productivity and efficiency.

Unmatched Finishing Quality
Excelon offers superior quality and unmatched accuracy with the excellent features.
- Accurate Tracing fitted to the frame shapes and materials
- 16,000 points of High Resolution Scanning
- Adjustable Grooving Selections with 0.01 mm step in depth and width
- Two Phase Customized Safety Beveling

Icon-Based Graphicaal User Interface
High Resolution TFT-LCD (10.4") Color Screen and the intuitive Icon-Based User Interface are harmonized to offer the maximum convenience for everyday use

Versatile Functions with Digital Technology
The location of beveling and grooving can be previewed graphically, avoiding the potential spoilage. 1,000 jobs can be stored with the large database, 10-layout work can be processed simultaneously as well as the connection with bar code reader.

"Easy-Control System" for Simple Maintenance
Graphically Designed Test Mode enables trhe operator to effectively perform the routine maintenance without the technical assistance. Module-based Engineering allows the easy and convenient replacement of grinding wheels and components.

Tracer - Fully Automatic
3-Dimensional Tracing
  • Automatic Initialization
  • Automatic Insertion of scanning stylus
  • 3-Dimensional Fast Tracing of Frames, Patterns and Lenses
  • Real-Time Automatic Data Transfer to Edger
  • Left-Eye, Right-Eye or Simulataneous Two Eye Reading Available
  • Automatic Data Transfer of FPD value to Edger

Layout - Digital Pattern Layout
  • The " Digital Pattern Layout " modifies the lens shape in left/right, top/bottom as well as circumference and optimizes the fitting challenge for Rimless and Semi-Rimless
  • If Optical Centered Layout is not feasible, Geometrical Centered Layout ( Boxing ) is available alternatively.
  • Layout for Far Vision and Near Vision in Bifocal Lens are also provided
  • Horizontal PD value can be easily adjusted
  • Various Input Methods are applied to set the height for the multi-focal progressive lens
  • If only the frame is being replaced, the size of old and new frame can be compared on the screen easily

Optimal Beveling and Grooving
with 3-Dimensional Measurement
  • 3D Lens Measurement with Lens Feeler

Avoiding the Spolage
with Customized Beveling
3 D Edging Process / Beveling
  • The Bevel position can adjusted in 0.01mm step according to the front curve, back curve, lens thickness and frame curve

Automatic Polishing for
Higher Luster Finish
3 D Edging Process / Polishing
  • Polishing beveled and flat edge

Automatic Safe  Beveling on Front
and Rear fitted to the Lens Thickness
3D Edging Process / Safety Beveling
  • Safety Bevels all materials on one or both sides

Precise Grooving
adjustable in 0.01 mm
3D Edging Process / Grooving
  • The groove position, depth and width can be adjusted and modified in 0.01 mm step for each frame

Convenient User Interface
  • Graphical User Interface supports the operator to easily set and adjust the processing conditions as well as the system default values

Grinding Wheel
  • Four Grinding Wheels for all materials ( Glass Roughing, Plastic Roughing, Finishing, Polishing, Grooving, Safety Bevel Wheel )
Higher Efficiency and Comfortable Work Environment
  • Advanced 3-Dimensional Digital Technology substantially reduces the overall cycle time
  • Numeric Keypad offers fast data entry.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Tasking Capability for Higher Efficiency
  • Inverter Mechanism allows the low noise in edging mode, ensuring comfortable work environment

Edging System Automatic
Edging Mode Beveling
  Flat Edging
  Safety Beveling
Lens Glass, Plastic, High Index Plastic, Poly Carbonate, Trivex
Edging Size Max: 90mm
  Min: 18mm
Weight 45 kg
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1200W (Max)
Dimension 570 (W) x 540 (D) x 460 (H) mm
Others High Brightness Wide TFT LCD Adopted
  Bar Code System Available
  Networking System
Dimension 280 (W) x 300 (D) x 230 (H) mm
Tracing System 3D Binocular
Weight 8kg
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 42W (Max)
Others User friendly display with LCD


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