KOWA VX-10 / VK-2 Digital Imaging System

KOWA VX-10 / VK-2 Digital Imaging System

KOWA VX-10 / VK-2 Digital Imaging System


Product Highlights


Digital Ready
50 degree / 25 degree Mydriatic mode
45 degree / 22 degree Non-mydriatic mode
FA / Color
Pre-selected Flash Output
Built-in LCD display for NonMyd mode
Working Distance Dots
Alignment Dots
Compact size


Photographic Angles Mydriatic 50 degree 25 degree
Non Mydriatic 45 degree 22 degree

Photographic Magnification* 50 => (2.0X) 25=> (3.6X)

Picture Size 35mm film 26 mm x 22 mm oval

Polaroid film (myd) 84.5 mm (ver 71.5mm, hor 79mm max)
(nonmyd) 76.1 mm (ver 71.5 mm, hor 76 mm)

Working Distance 39mm (between objective lens and cornea)

Minimum Pupil Diameter Nonmydriatic mode : 4mm Mydriatic Mode : 5.5mm
(Small pupil mode 4mm)

Focusing Luminescence Point matching method (ON / OFF switch)

Diopter Compensation Range
(Patient's eye)
-12D ~ +13D
+10D ~ +35D (with + compensation lens)
-10D ~ -32D (with - compensation lens)

Diopter Adjustment Range - 8D ~ +5D

Working Distance Adjustment Luminscent Point Display ( ON / OFF switch)

Viewing Illumination 12V 50W halogen lamp

Flash for Photography 300WS xenon flash lamp

Internal Fixation Lamp 4 fixed dots right or left eye switching

External Fixation Lamp Red / Green, flashing

Amount of Exposure 300WS ~ 0.6WS, 19 steps

Proper Exposure Automatically set based on angle of field and film sensitivity.

Filter Barrier & Exciter filter Electronic powered insertion

Fluorescein Photography Photographic interval : 1 frame/sec

Monitor 5.6 inch, LCD monitor, B & W alignment, color capture display

Data Imprinting Timer and handwritten data Audible Warning End of film, timer counter ( ON / OFF selectable)

Tonal Volume Adjustment function

Film Speed 35mm color film ISO 100 ;
Fluorescein ISO 400 (3 times sensitized)

Polaroid film ISO 600

Movement Range Forward / Backward (gross) 90mm (micromotion) approx 22mm
Left / Right (gross) 140mm (micromotion) aprrox 22mm Up / Down 30mm Tilt ( - angle) 15 degree (+ angle) 8.5 degree Horizontal Swing (Left / right ) 30 degree

Input / Power Consumption 117VA / 60Hz

Dimensions 400 (W) x 520 (D) x 752 (H) mm **

Weight 39 Kg, 85kg **

Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor


Fast Patient Set-up
On Screen Stereo Viewing
Easy Operation
Multi-video Input
FA / Color / ICG / Slit Lamp
Complete Image Manipulation
Network Ready
Telemedicine Ready
True Merge Function

* when using 35mm film OD
** with Polaroid Camera back
Polaroid is a registered trade mark of Polaroid Corporation, USA

Product Number: DSCN7152
Product Name: Blower
Color: Gray
Product Number: DSCN7151
Product Name: Chinrest Paper
Color: White
Product Number: DSCN7149A
Product Name: Main Bulb
Color: Clear
Product Number: DSCN7145A
Product Name: Video Adapter
Color: White
Product Number: VK-2 / VX-10 Sync
Product Name: VK-2 / VX-10 Sync Cable
Color: Black
Product Number: VK-2 25 Pin Cable
Product Name: VK-2 25 Pin Cable
Color: Black
Product Number: VK-2 Surge Protector
Product Name: Surge Protector
Color: White
Product Number: VK-2 Trigger Box
Product Name: VK-2 Trigger Box
Color: White
Product Number: VK-2 USB
Product Name: VK-2 USB Short Cable
Color: White